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If you have to leave, why don't you surf on to some High Noon approved pages? These sites will educate, enlighten, and uplift.... well, not really. But hey, visit them anyways, alright?



Johnny's Crash Helmet - up and coming rock group from Piedmont, California

Norma's Lemon Stand - fun loving Long Island ska

Edna's Gold Fish - middle Island's top ska/rock act

Silent Majority - the pride of Initial Records, hardcore at it's finest

WCF - another fine Long Island band

Two Man Advantage - Uniondale based punk with a hockey theme

Nothing Rhymes With Orange - female fronted Long Island ska a la Save Ferris

Free Todd Bridges - the finest emo-violence band on Long Island

Less Than Jake - the Florida based punk/ska legends

Save Ferris - blending emo and ska with a female singer

Reel Big Fish - ska superstars

Me First and the Gimme Gimmes - punk supergroup cranking out covers

The Get Up Kids - leaders of the surge in emo's popularity

Sublime - blends reggae, punk, ska, and funk

Reggie and the Full Effect - members of The Get Up Kids and Coalesce crank out emo and pop hilariously

Farewell in Splendor - a great hardcore band made up of local East Hampton kids


Long Island Voice - check up on concert listings - web center for punk and ska fans

Syracuse Ska Scene - if you get up that way

Long Island Bands - info on local area groups


Royalty Records - home of Two Man Advantage

Vagrant Records - Face to Face, No Motiv, The Get Up Kids and more

Moon Ska - the premiere ska label in the world

Asian Man Records - home of MU330, Slow Gerkin, and other punk/emo acts

Rotz Records - great mail order company for hard to find stuff


The Inner Mystery Revealed: Zen and the Art of Drinking - 'nuff said

Pooh Goes Apeshit - a heartwarming story for tots

White Trash Cookin' With Ed - culinary delights from a hillbilly

Gary Coleman Web-A-Thon - you wouldn't believe us if we told you

Heather Has Two Mommies - politically correct family journey to the zoo

The Anti-Clown Page - if clowns scare you too, go here.


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