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Don't Blink
written by Dave Rattiner

It all begins when you think it ends
The time you spend is what you pretend
I like to pretend that I am flying away
I've spent four years thinking where I've been
And just when I get it; it all ends
Is it just in us I don't know but we are flying so keep the flow

If you pretend how to leave then you start hurting you have to believe
All I know its not what it seems
All a future is; is a dream
If a sky should fall down on you
There isn't too much that you can do
I sat on the saddle ready to go
Its always nice when you already know

Four years I've spent having all this fun
It only gets better and you always get some
Sometimes its scary if you start to think
So never worry and never blink

Life's a journey so go get started
If you move too fast you won't be wanted
When it falls fast all through space
It can get crazy that you can taste
I can get hazy when you see the past
So you keep on hopin' that it will last
Make something for your mom
You know she's not gonna live that long
4 years gone 4 more to see your life fall through a hole




When I wake up in the morning the first thing I think is you
Sit on my couch and watch TV
All I start to do is flip the channels for a while
Why the hell can't she be with me?

You are my dream, you are my peace, you are the feeling that I need
You are my secret and my wine, you are everything
Except mine
Why can't I tell you, wish I could tell you, that would be nice

It ain't a time to whine because this girl is just so fine
And I can tell it is a world full of divine
But you can go and walk around just for a while
Because this girl is simply cramping up my style
The eyes are like oceans her words are like waves but I just want to go out
And get her laid out on the sand and watch her get a tan and try and think up
Of a better plan

Guitar but no chorus

It's not a joke to me, this girl that I see
She is just so goddamn pretty
A world with her is great, but I'm afraid
It's too late, she is a star in the sky
Make my wish, I will not try


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