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1/24/00: Well, it turns out the world didn't end on Y2K. I just poked my head out of the bombshelter and was dumbfounded. So, sorry for not updating the website, I've been living on canned food and watching a lightbulb burn in a six by six cement room. Anyways, tons of exciting news for you guys. For starters, the boys have cut a demo. It's three songs, plus a hidden track. Find out how to access the hidden track by searching this site carefully. It's really not too damn hard, if you don't find it here you'll figure it out, but try anyways man. You'll be able to order the demo from this site. Please don't be afraid to shell out a few measly bucks to pick up this piece of Americana. You can always sell it on ebay for like $400 in a year or two, right? Anyways, the seniors among us have all gotten into college now, and it's about to be second semester so there'll be plenty of time to work on the site. Expect to see tons of changes coming soon. -Jeremiah

12/16/99: Some more news for everyone. Sorry for not working so much on the site lately. College troubles have had me, and quite a few of our senior class peers, completely frantic, but screw college, I'm taking care of High Noon for now. I'm filling in a lot of the lyrics and band bios, things are starting to come together to the point where we can begin phasing in new features and exciting junk to make you all happy chickens! We have a little problem with the site's security. It seems a certain somebody is habitually deleting the index page and putting up ads for a rather lame pile of MP3s.... the matter oughta be under control within the next week or so, and we'll never have to worry about security again. You can expect the appropriate measures to be taken, so rest assured no one will be screwing with your access to this website in the next millenium. Can I get a hell yeah? -Jeremiah

12/01/99: Okay. The site is starting to come together now. The first round of pictures is up, I've put up some snazzy graphics (check out the animation on the Lyrics page), and some of the first biographical profiles. In the near future we'll be putting up lyrics, more biographies, some more pictures, and assorted other junk. I want to urge each and every one of you to sign the guestbook, multiple times, while drunk. I mean it. -Jeremiah

11/25/99: Happy Turkey Day. We all have a lot to be thankful for, not the least of which is the fact that this website is coming along nicely. I spent about an hour working on adding in lots of interactive things in the Crazy Crap page, plus got all the links between the various pages up and running, as well as a lot of other stuff. Not too much musical content just yet, but that'll be forthcoming within the next couple weeks. Pictures should be coming up soon too. Have a nice holiday, everyone. -Jeremiah

11/24/99: The page has fallen under the control of a new programmer. That'd be me, Jeremiah. The happy chickens are on the loose, and Batman is running around here somewhere. I plan on making this page a million times better than the former programmer. So keep checking back for more band info and ramblings. John is sitting here in my house right now talking with Alyson on the phone. Last Friday the band played at the East Hampton RECenter, and they kicked major butt. The next show will be videotaped by me and Nate will then make it into a music video, so be sure to keep a look out for that tape. News on the upcoming shows and demos will be posted here as it develops. Be sure to contact the band at with words of encouragement, to schedule shows, to ask questions, and all that jazz. That's all for now, adios! -Jeremiah


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