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Buy This, Ya Know You Wanna

High Noon: "The Studio Demos" (pre-order only)
What happens when six crazy fools go into a
Sag Harbor studio for a few hours? Well, this does.
It's three songs, plus a secret cover, of the wildest
ska influenced funky white boy rock jams you're ever gonna
hear from guys kicking it straight outta' EH. Buy this
CD from High Noon by sending a message here.

Yaharamadad Mussafa: "America is the Great Satan" ($11)
Yaharamadad's spoken word masterpiece detailing his
masterplan to destroy the US government and install a hardline
Islamic fundamentalist regime. A must have for all fans of this
rapidly growing genre, spoken-word-anti-government-paranoia.

112 Backstreet Sync Degrees: "Girl, If You're 12 You Love Us" ($25)
The chart topping smash from the boy band pop sensations. Hit
singles like "We Don't Love You, It's Your Parents' Money" and
"Jail Bait" keep this catchy album in the CD player of teenyboppers
everywhere. Catch the new video for "Eighth Grade Love Child" on MTV!

Fingernails On A Blackboard: "Play This Loud To Piss Off Your Mom" ($10)
The unrelenting assault of Fingernails On A Blackboard will make
your bowels throb uncontrollably. The thudding drums and bass are
sure to get you all the attention you need from your workaholic
parents. With lyrics so unintelligible you could mistake them for
the growls of a starving pit bull this is sure to be a hardcore classic.

Bluff Daddy: "Music To Kill By" ($18)
Another hip hop classic from Bluffy. These tracks will put you
in the mood to drain some forties and smack up your 'ho. Includes
the poignant theme "I Ordered Your Death" and the hot single
"In A Month You'll Forget Me." Album may be delayed due to
lawsuits from the guys he ripped the music off from.


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